Do you want to work with us in our Permaculture forest garden? There are several ways to get involved; we are writing in English here, so everybody can understand, but you can reach out also in German. 
1. Internship : This is a full-time learning experience that can be done as an official volunteer period (Freiwilliges Ökologisches Jahr) or professional internship for your studies. You should be interested in learning  about botany, permaculture gardening and/or food preparation and gastronomy. Most of your work will be: foraging and harvesting for the restaurant, cleaning beds and paths, permaculture weed management (involving a lot of manual work), watering, but also sowing, planting and composting. You will supervised by the Botanico gardener but also have to work on your own. It might also be possible to get involved into the kitchen or into the service. In any case, you will be part of the whole team and also get involved in meetings and some management aspects if that interests you. We usually cannot pay a salary for an internship, but you can eat at the restaurant for free. There is no accomodation, so make sure to arrange this before, if you don't live in Berlin. In any case, you will get a personalized certificate or a reference letter signed by Botanico founder and Permaculture educator Martin Höfft and you can definitely learn a lot about green permaculture and plants. An internship ideally lasts 3 or more months. as it will take you at least 2 months to get to know the garden and the most of the plants that are growing here. You should be available for 3-4 hours on 2-3 days per week, including either saturday or sunday. Other setups are possible, e.g. to start with a more concentrated training period of app. 2 weeks and then continue for a longer period with only one day (app. 4 hours) per week.
Like this, you can follow the plants develop over the year and train your eyes and your comprehension of a natural system.   


Application with CV and short motivation letter per Email to: with subject "Praktikum". You can write in German or English.

2. If you want to be part of a wider circle of volunteers and help or join for occasional events, you can send an email with your Whatsapp number and/or better join this Facebook group:
Here we are offering occasional gardening activities according to the season, mostly on the Weekends from early spring to late autumn, 3-4 hours of work in the group and some infos and skills about plants and permaculture gardening. No payment, but good company and perfect possibility to say hello and learn about the project.