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 Enzo Caterino -  Cello / Orazio Ferrari - Kontrabass
Musik: Enzo Caterino


Menu: 20 €
-Safran Risotto
-Glas Wein                        
Am 10.02.17



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Enzo Caterino: After his study of violoncello on the conservatory of Naples he toured many years as a chamber musician through Europe. Influenced by playing in jazz and rock bands he composes his own music since several years and gets inspired by nature and meditation.
Quiet and powerful at the same time – cellist and composer Enzo Caterino is known for sending his audience on a journey with his meditative, poetic songs.
Immagine in linea con il testo
Orazio Ferrari: After early piano studies, started when he was 7 and lasted untill he was 16, he attends the Double-bass course at Conservatory San Pietro a Majella of Naples under Ermanno Calzolari, graduating brilliantly in advance of schedule and achieving, afterwards, a Master Degree in Solo Performing with full marks. Orazio  has gained great critical acclaim for his debut album, the World Premiere Recording "Chopin & Schumann" (Velut Luna, CVLD 245), with the partnership of the Italian and Berlin resident pianist Marco Sanna
-- Vincenzo Caterino