Sunday, 29th of April, 13:00
Welcome to our first spring garden tour in 2018!
We will introduce and show you all the new and exciting plants which are appearing in our garden! It’s an exciting time of year - the best for a gardener and forager, when all the wild herbs begin to show and come up in their strength.... after this deadly winter. We would, therefore, love to guide you around, and introduce you to our forest garden in its prettiest dress!
The tour lasts approximately 1 hour and costs €10 including all kinds lot of little herbs to nibble and to taste - and one drink of your choice (e.g. a glass of wine, garden lemonade, homemade kombucha, coffee, tea).
After the tour, in case you got hungry or curious or both - we are offering per participant a 10% discount on all drinks and meals in the Café-Restaurant for the rest of the day!
Make sure to reserve your table in the restaurant, either by calling or texting the café phone at 0175 1112055, or by sending an email to: You can also use the ticket link in the event.
This tour will be held in English by Botanico gardener Natasha Weddepohl.