Do you want to help us in the garden and get some practical skills and theoretical knowledge about Organic Gardening, Permaculture and edible wild herbs? We offer a long term learning experience in a fully developed Permaculture garden in exchange for your practical help.
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First Meeting in 2017: 10.03. to 12.03.
Spring is coming and its time to begin to get the garden in shape for the coming season. Join the Garden team at Cafe Botanico to prepare for the coming growing year as we prepare the garden for the coming summer. The weekend is planned as the first in a series of workshops, oriented around introducing natural permaculture food gardening techniques and concepts.

Spring is that time of year for gardeners that is exciting, involving a lot of planning and preparation to ensure a successfull harvest in the summer to come. This weekend workshop intends to literally 'prepare the ground'. During the workshop we will discuss and demonstrate the following techniques and topics, adopted in the Botanico garden:

-discus...sion around garden planning, and introduction of the perennials in the garden
-preparing beds (clearning, composting and mulching)
-progagation: sewing seeds, transplanting seedlings and discussing propogation techniques
-preparing the compost area
-beautifying the garden
-building raised beds
-harvesting of native edibles, including intriduction to the various species that are available in season now.

The schedule for the weeked is as follows:
Friday 2pm- 5pm
Saturday 12pm- 5pm
Sunday 1pm-3pm

Additional to this weekend is a presentation given by Martin Hoefft, the founder of the garden- for which seperate informatin shall be provided.

This workshop is free of charge, and will also discuss with atendees the options around the summer internship programme that the garden offers.