Vermicomposting Workshop on Tuesday the 18th of December at 18:30


Get prepared for the Christmas leftovers and learn how to recycle your organic waste at home (even on flats without terraces or balconies) and transform it into high-quality compost. You will see that composting at home does not smell bad or attract bugs. 
It will be explained in an easy and practical way how the whole process of household composting works, knowing which kind of waste can be thrown into the compost bin, the role of microorganisms and worms in this system, how to prepare liquid fertilizer and humus. It will also be a nice talk about Permaculture in cities, community gardens and the environment.
Special Botanico offer:
If you bring us your self-made compost for our garden, we offer you a meal.
1 bucket (min 10l of good quality compost) = 1 plate of delicious Botanico Food (max. 1 per person) 
Isn't this a beautiful example for truly circular economy? Be part of it. Turn your kitchen waste into freshly prepared organic food !
The workshop is presented by Ricardo Beck from Sao Paolo, Brazil, founder of Zoo Compost Club:  
The workshop takes app. 1,5 Hours and costs 10€ including one drink of your choice (1 glass of housewine, Kombucha, juice, coffee or tea). Every participant gets 10% discount on all further drinks and meals in the Café-Restaurant this evening. Please reserve a table if you want to stay for dinner after the workshop and continue the discussion with Ricardo or the participants.
Reserve by calling or texting the café phone at 0175 1112055, or by sending an email to: