March Specials

Cream of Jerusalem Artichoke 8.00 €
With salad of sage and Jerusalem artichoke and cheese croutons 
Roasted Brussels Sprouts 11.50 €
With fried polenta and spring salads (e, g) 

Ossobuco 16.00 €
With garden gremolata, fried polenta and emmer-date salad (e, g) 
Mousse of quark and berries in a glass 3.00 €

Café Botanico Menu

Bruschetta 6.00 €
Three variations, toppings change according to season, vegetarian or vegan 
Botanico-Minestrone 8.50 €
"Hearty Italian vegetable soup with ancient types of pulses and grains from Umbria and fresh seasonal vegetables. This dish varies according to the harvest of our own garden (vegetarian) (a,e,g)" 
Garden Plate 12.50 €
Mix of seasonable vegetables, herbs and salads according to our day's harvest of our own garden. With a variety of pulses (flat peas, roveja, black eyed peas, lentils and chickpeas) from our organic farming partner Cichetti in Umbria (vegan) (a ,e , g) 
~ small portion 7.00 €
Salumeria 12.50 €
Assortment of freshly cut, cured and dried meat specialities from Norcia in Umbria and pecorino cheese, with seasonal herbs from our garden and bread (b, d, e, g, 2, 4, 5) 
~ small portion 7.00 €
Risotto of the day 12.50 €
With vegetables prepared Italian style, according to our harvest (wild cabbage, rucola, Swiss chards, giant lambsquarters, perpetual spinach, cichory, kale,  ground elder,  Jerusalem artichoke, winter cress, or others)(vegetarian)(b,e,g)
Fettucine al ragú Napoletano 13.50 €
Fresh homemade pasta with beef and veal ragout, Neapolitan style 
Strozzapreti alla Gricia 12.50 €
Home made short no-egg pasta (strozzapreti= engl. 'strangled priests') with seasonal herbs or vegetables, spiced up with grilled salt cured pork jowl from Umbria 
Botanico-Pasta 12.50 €
Homemade pasta of the day with seasonal vegetables, varies according to our harvest. With chopped nuts (vegan) or with parmiggiano cheese (vegatarian)(b, e, g) 
Fettucuine al sugo 9.50€
Homemade fresh pasta with tomato sauce and parmiggiano cheese 
Kinderpasta al sugo 5.00 €
Homemade short pasta with tomato sauce and parmiggiano cheese 
Homemade Tiramisu 3.00 €
Homemade Cakes  3.00 €- 3.50 €